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Live Action Role Play, or LARP, can encompass anything you can think of. It could revolve around reality or fantasy, or blend both together.

Sometime around the year 2000 we went to our first game at Labyrinthe and since then we have both played and monstered in a variety of systems and genres ranging from low fantasy to Science Fiction / Conspiracy.

Brohn GroupFor those not used to it, LARP is role-playing with a difference. Instead of verbally describing your actions (while sitting at a table) you physically do it... If you can't role-play what you want to do, and the system doesn't have a way round this, then it doesn't happen.

That's not to say that imagination isn't important. In fact there are still many things in role-playing that can't be replicated in real life easily.... Magic for example. So there are certain rules in place, and a little imagination is still required, but for most systems you will still have to do what your character would. For example spell casters must learn verbals and sometimes gestures, and in combat whilst rules can change how much people are effected by your damage, if you can't hit someone with your sword they don't get damaged... it's that simple.

Seaxe & Sorcery have in the past been involved in a number of commercial systems, outside of our own games, including: