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“Tales of New Albion:

Adventure in a Post-Apocalyptic Britain”

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ToNA is a Larp system based on the concept of Survival in a post nuclear world.

Food is scarce, Violence is rife and survival is the common goal shared by every living soul in the wastes.

Whether you're looking for food, shelter or just a few spare caps you're sure to find what you need right here.{/AF}

Tales of New Albion (ToNA) is a work-in-progress run by Tom and Chris and will be taking the November Special slot in Seaxe and Sorcery's event schedule.

Please go to the forum area for ToNA for all the current plans on this system.

Please remember this event is in November, and so please remember to pack clothes and kit accordingly, also clothes/towels and appropriate sleeping gear is an essential! It does get cold, but this doesnt have to ruin any of our fun. Laughing

Hot drinks will be provided to keep you going as will breakfast lunch and dinner.