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HMS2-2019 Counter Attack!

The Event:

The Queen's forces took back Gloucester and the surrounding towns and villages while Nevyn's men took back Malmesbury. But what will happen next? They need reinforcements or it could all fall once more into the enemies' hands.

HMS1-2019 War in Bristol

The West has been over-run by our enemies.

It's time to take the fight to them to gain back the recently taken towns to the north of Bristol.

Feb2019 Games Convention Image

The 9th of February is Seaxe & Sorcery's first mini games convention! 

The hall opens at 2pm with games starting 3pm and finishing at 11pm. Entry is £2 to cover costs.

Date: Saturday 17th November 2018, 2pm - 11pm

Location: The Vaagen Freeholding of Three Acres,
                    Leicester Road, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7AX
    (Parking available on the green; this will be sign-posted).

Cost: £5 aged 16 and over, free to all under 16's

Information: This year's Banquet will be a little different and will be divided into Two Parts. 

HMS2 2018 Guild Meeting

It is a time for the guilds to come together and work their grievances out, solidify themselves for the year ahead and get things done!

April 27th - 29th 2018

This Event Image

Winter is over and the Kingdom of Britainia begins to come alive again. It is Guild Meet, the first time the guilds meet officially to welcome new members, reaffirm old ones and conclude old business before starting anew.

It is also a time for diplomats to reopen up lines of communications and for scouts to check up on what our enemies have been up to. Not only is it a time of planting and birthing it is a time of Change.

This year's festivities fall on the Celebration known as All Fools Day so be warmed! Charms, enchantments and illusions are more powerful on this day and chaos and anarchy dance across the land.

On February 10th 2018 we held a fundraising one-day Monster Hunt event at Langdon Hills.

We raised £675!

This is an absolutely fantastic result and we can't thank you all enough. This money will help us to:

Fix the container roof;
Get new shelving units;
Go towards the camping and food costs while we do the work.

Depending on the costs of these it may also allow us to:
Fix the floor; Get lighting; Get extra boxes; Hire a skip.

So once again, thank you so very much!
If you couldn't make the event and want to donate please go to the page and Donate to Seaxe and Sorcery.

Charity Monster Hunt

The Yule Banquet (The Time Travellers Ball & Dimensional Market) will now be on Saturday 11th November 2017 at the East Tilbury Village Hall.
We are looking at a 5 pm start and any help setting up will be appreciated.

It is REALLY important that people let us know if they are comming and also how many children there will be in attendence.

HMS Image
Come to HMS, or the Freaky One will Eat You!

Dates for HMS 2018
Event 1 - March 30th, 31st and 1st - Guild Adventures
Event 2 - April 27th, 28th and 29th - Racial Adventures
Event 3 - May 25th, 26th and 27th - Helmsford Games
Event 4 - July 20th, 21st and 22nd - Guild Adventures
Event 5 - Sept 14th, 15th and 16th - Racial Adventures

Dear members of Seaxe & Sorcery,

One of the few things I am really good at is learning from my mistakes. Recently I made several and I am now looking to rectify those mistakes.

Firstly I wish to produce a Quarterly Magazine for Seaxe & Sorcery, free in PDF formate to ALL paid up members of Seaxe & Sorcery and Contributors. The Magazine will include Art, Articles, Stories, Poetry and Advertising for any members businesses all for free. 

It will cover any Board Games, Card Games, RPGs, LARPs and Re-enactment groups that our members may be into. Articles will have a word limit and will be edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation only. If for any reason an article has to be altered the author will be asked to do so in private.

All art work or photos will be original and taken by members of the club. I want this to be a whole group contribution with no one left out if possible. I really want this to work, but it will only work if everyone gets involved and we push this as both a quality news letter and one which serves to showcase the talent the members of Seaxe & Sorcery have.

I would also like to offer AOE, Alrune, The Sanguine Hunt and Beffy's new Cowboy System space to advertise events and publish articles. After all if we cannot support each other who can?

Secondly, I want to put a working party together to help organise and put on a convention for next year, for the weekend nearest to St. Georges day. 70% of the convention will be used to promote Table Top (Board, Card, RPG and War Games) and 30% to promote CosPlay, LARP and Re-enactment. Basically everything Seaxe & Sorcery is into.

Everyone will be welcome, but if you want to get involved you will need to function as part of the team and do your best to work with everyone else regardless of personal feelings. Again, I want to put on the very best event we can. I am not looking to make it a giant event - we will start small and build up over time. I also want it to be different and unique.

It will be linked to the Magazine News Letter. The Magazine will be "THE TOWER AT THE EDGE OF REALITY" and the convention "THE CONVENTION AT THE EDGE OF REALITY."

If you are interested please post here or on Facebook on the main Seaxe and Sorcery page. Guys, I really want this to work and I need your help to make sure it does.

Love 'n' Cuddles,

Chairman of Seaxe & Sorcery

Normally I wouldn't reveal a new-look website until it was finished and polished to a good standard, however on this occasion I have as we need the shop for Yule Banquet payments.

You will be very glad to know that the site is now completely SSL based, which means every page and all data you pass over is secure, inclusing your details when using the shop (though we still use Paypal for the payment so in reality this site does not take any payment details!).

The entire site is very much a work in progress. If you would like to drop me a suggestion, request, comment etc please email webmaster [AT] seaxeandsorcery [DOT] co [DOT] uk or Facebook/G+ me. This site will henceforth have RPG centric items as well as LARP (the old site was primarilly LARP) and hopefully other important things too.

To pay for the Yule Banquet navigate to Shop > Events > Special Occasions and choose your tickets. It will then ask you to register, where your password will need to have at least Upper Case letter and one number to be valid.

Best wishes, and please do enjoy your website, especially as I actually get things up on it! :D
Sam / Bifford / Nevyn