Please Read This Notice!


Due to an unexpected update of the underlying architecture of the website by its hosts the old Seaxe site became broken beyond repair. I have therefore implemented what was a W.I.P. new Seaxe site in its place.

What does this mean? :-

1. All of the news and payment content was random old articles pulled from the old site. All the newer articles are safe, but need to be pulled from the old database into the new one. This will take time!
2. The visual "look" of the site is not 100% perfect (as can be seen at the top of the page). This is not a priority (content is). Pages such as the "About" section are not complete.
3. Even this version of the website is out-of-date already, so there may well be further changes further down the line.

So I need to ask all visitors to the site to please be patient while I get all the up-to-date articles and pages ported over. In the meantime the Facebook page (link on the frontpage) has all the information you might need, and you can ask questions there or on the forum.

Many thanks,
Sam / Bifford.