Normally I wouldn't reveal a new-look website until it was finished and polished to a good standard, however on this occasion I have as we need the shop for Yule Banquet payments.

You will be very glad to know that the site is now completely SSL based, which means every page and all data you pass over is secure, inclusing your details when using the shop (though we still use Paypal for the payment so in reality this site does not take any payment details!).

The entire site is very much a work in progress. If you would like to drop me a suggestion, request, comment etc please email webmaster [AT] seaxeandsorcery [DOT] co [DOT] uk or Facebook/G+ me. This site will henceforth have RPG centric items as well as LARP (the old site was primarilly LARP) and hopefully other important things too.

To pay for the Yule Banquet navigate to Shop > Events > Special Occasions and choose your tickets. It will then ask you to register, where your password will need to have at least Upper Case letter and one number to be valid.

Best wishes, and please do enjoy your website, especially as I actually get things up on it! :D
Sam / Bifford / Nevyn