Seven Serpents Inn

Date: Saturday 17th November 2018, 2pm - 11pm

Location: The Vaagen Freeholding of Three Acres,
                    Leicester Road, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7AX
    (Parking available on the green; this will be sign-posted).

Cost: £5 aged 16 and over, free to all under 16's

Information: This year's Banquet will be a little different and will be divided into Two Parts. 

The Schedule

Part 1: 2pm to 5pm - A Council Meeting with the High King and High Queen. Nobles, Guild Leaders, Racial Leaders as well as Citizens are all welcome.
It will take the format of the original council meetings with all present being given three rumours and a single item of news to report or comment on. Nobles, Guild Leaders, Racial Leaders as well as Citizens will also be able to share information they have gained through play throughout the entire year.
This is a wonderful role play opportunity and also an opportunity to share and recieve IC information on the various plots involving the Kingdom and Dutchy

Part 2: The Banquet Proper. The banquet kicks off at 6pm and ends about 11pm. We are asking everyone to bring along food and drink to share. Sausage rolls, cakes, sandwiches etc.
You will also need to bring an IC drinking tankard, mug or cup. Although chairs are available you may wish to bring along your own and a IC cover.
We are also asking people with their own banners to bring them along as well.

The Secrets of the Seven Serpents

The theme of the evening is based around the interdimensional Inn known to many as the Seven Serpents Inn. You will be invited to solve one of seven riddles, puzzles or mysteries. If all seven are solved you will all be invited to vote on an outstanding plot strand to be completed!


We will be building and lighting a fighting arena for those who wish to participate in a competition of fighting skill. No skills, no magic, three hits wins you the prize. The prize will be a Decorative Steel Blade.


Helen Lowe will be making a welcome return to this event selling her wide range of meads.


We will be running a raffle once more at this event. A wide range of goodies will be up for grabs. If you have anything you would like to donate can you let us know and bring it along.

NOTE: Prices for the hire of Cherrywood are going up. We will in all likelihood need to raise our prices. However we intend to run this raffle and two charity monster hunts next year. The money raised will be used to keep prices down as best as possible. So the more we make the more we can plow back into Seaxe and use it to carry on providing you high quality events at very low prices.

Staying Over: If people would like to stay over and camp over-night at Three Acres they are more than welcome. Times will be made available when you can come and set up any tents.

Three Acres is not very far from Tilbury Train Station, it is about a 5 minute walk.

We look forward to seeing you all there!