HMS EVENT 2: The Thirteen Books of Creation

FRIDAY 7th May 2010
SUNDAY 9th May 2010

PLOT: The mists of time and space have started to clear, fate, luck and good fortune have whispered into the ears of the chosen it is time to change our world before others change it for us. With the Red Mage and the Pharaoh of Upon the Golden Throne and his Dark Empire making war on us and our allies it is even more important to find the Books of Creation and the Keys to Atlantis. So please come one and all as we once more travel to the channel islands and the Island of Portals.

SPECIAL: We now have a 20 man, Ten Compartment Tent. We will be using this as IC Rooms in the Tavern and they can be rented for £10 for the whole weekend. So if you wish to attend but do not want to bring your own tent you can rent a room for the weekend. Each compartment will fit two people plus bedding or one person plus bedding and kit. We will be supplying small pad locks for each compartment. PLEASE NOTE we will expect people renting a room to look after it so no smoking, no muddy boots or drinking in the actual compartments. This is well worth it if you come a long distence will be arriving late or travelling a great distence.

PLAYERS: £20 Pre Book member, £25 On the Door Member
£25 Pre Book Non-member, £30 On the Door Non-Member (Remember Memebership is £10, and goes towards paying insurance and towards paying for the container to be on site). Please note we will accept cheques made out to Seaxe and Sorcery (you must write the word and not use &) up to two weeks before an event and you may also pay by pay pal

TIME IN: Starts at 8pm and then as you arrive and get into character

NOTE: We have access to toilet block and we will be setting up a cook tent as at previous events. We will be looking at providing Toast, Cerial etc for breakfast, Sandwiches and cold food for Lunch and a hot meal in the evenings. We will also supply coffee, tea and juice. You will need your OWN plates, knives, forks and spoons!

We will also be opperating a raffle where you may purchase a raffle ticket getting a free drink for your troubles and a chance to win your next event free or a mystery gift. Our last event saw a player winning a IC LARP dagger donated by the Viking Store

The Storm hut will be out of bounds to Players however we will have a fire for the evenings and a rather large IC Bar and Lodge.