Event 4: (HMS) High ho and off to Atlantis for adventure we go!
Does anyone remember Carcia?
FRIDAY 23rd September
SUNDAY 25th September


PRICES for Players:

£20 Pre Book member, £25 On the Door Member;

£25 Pre Book Non-member, £30 On the Door Non-Member.

(Remember Membership is £10, and goes towards paying insurance and for the container to be on the site).

Please note we will accept cheques made out to 'Seaxe and Sorcery' (you must write the word and not use &) up to two weeks before an event and you may also pay by Paypal on this site. Remember all meals are included in this cost.

Other Items of Interest:

Build a Ship:
Players are invited to build an IC ship. The ship judged to be the best, e.g. has had the most effort put into it will win a bonus 50 hours per crew member and a Bottle of Rum (sponsored by the bar) for the crew to share! There will be a sea-born adventure and Roth McTigglet will be leading a voyage to Atlantis, or at least one of its old outposts!

Note: You may get wet for real on this voyage!

Fey Birthday Ritual:
Rusty, also known to the Fey as Sessa, will be celebrating her birthday. If anyone wishes to present her with gifts or take part in her ritual please let me know in advance. There will also be a Banquet going on that evening. Now if you to have a birthday in September and want it celebrated please feel free to let us know. However if you want something special we do expect you to contribute to the banquet!

Squire Banners and Ladies at Arms:
Several of our young female members will be awarded their squire banners this weekend and several will be confirmed as Ladies at Arms. This will involve a dedicated Squire adventure and several tests of courage, strength, skill and wit! We will be making the awards either at the Banquet or after Rusty's ritual.