The November CotH Event

{AF template=round_bended_corner width=90%}The November CoTH will be different from normal CoTH events this year. As always it will remain 24 hour IC, it will also remain a no-under 16 event. However this year none of the Company of the Helm Old Guard will be there. It will be limited to 30 player places and there will be a dedicated Crew and Monster Team present. Hot food is included which will include a hot breakfast.

1. Players paying before May will receive an individually tailored Player Pack with information, news, rumours and game lore.

2. Players paying between May and August will receive a General Pack with some information, news, rumours and game lore.

3. Players paying after August will receive a Basic Pack with one piece of information relevant to the plot, a piece of IC news, a rumour and one piece of game lore which may or may not be relevant to the weekend.


This event is going to be very full on. We have a crew of 15-20 for this event so you will be seeing some NPC's that do not just vanish and some you wished would. The whole thing is a few notches higher than usual and we hope the players appreciate the effort involved.{/AF} 

Some important pieces of information regarding this event:

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1. Unlike normal events all players will book in down by the toilet block and players will not have access to the glade or the storm hut until time in has been called.

2. IC tents must be erected during time in. There is a very important reason for this which will only become apparent during play.

3. We will be supplying all the food you need for this event and the facilities to store and cook it, however as part of the plot the players will be cooking for themselves. Again, this should add to the role play and not detract from it. Reasons will become apparent during play.

4. OOC interaction will be kept to a bare minimum after time in is called. Monsters will be undergoing training prior to the event and players will be given a detailed brief before play starts.

We at Seaxe & Sorcery are hoping to make this event very special and top quality indeed. We hope that people wishing to play will begin to book and ask us questions about the event asap. We will try and answer questions straight away.{/AF}