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Yule 2014 Banquet

This year the Banquet had to be postponed until Saturday the 3rd of January. This was largely due to a mix up in dates and double booking.
However it will take place on Saturday January 3rd at 6pm at East Tilbury Village Hall, Princess Margret Road, East Tilbury Essex. 

Tickets will cost a mere £10 Adult and £5 for children. Please pay on the night good people or on this website via the shop. You will also be able to pay your £10 memberships if you so wish.

2015 Event Dates

Dates for 2015 are partly confirmed.

If anyone has ideas for alternative sites to Cherrywood for the unconfirmed ones please contact Gary.

HMS 1 : April 10th-12th (Confirmed - Cherrywood)
HMS 2 : May 8th-10th
HMS 3 : June 12th-14th (Confirmed - Cherrywood)
HMS 4 : July 10th-12th
HMS 5 : August 14th-16th (Confirmed - Cherrywood)

Currently we have no Arcanium or CotH or MCM dates.


Halloween Image

Halloween Adventure at The Royal Gunpowder Mills

31st October 7pm - 9pm


Hi one and all. Lance the managing director has asked if we can help him out with The Royal Gunpowder Mills Halloween Special. They only need us for about an hour the rest of the evening is them wishing to throw us a party as a way of saying thank you for FTF. As far as they are concerned no matter how it goes it will be a feather in their caps for them. I realise they want us quite early but if you can make it please do. I need twelve of us minimum, lets see if we can get more.

As a club if we can help them with this them we will get access tot he site for gaming, events and also lectures so please if you can please do.

Love 'n' Cuddles,


Please Read This Notice!


Due to an unexpected update of the underlying architecture of the website by its hosts the old Seaxe site became broken beyond repair. I have therefore implemented what was a W.I.P. new Seaxe site in its place.

What does this mean? :-

1. All of the news and payment content was random old articles pulled from the old site. All the newer articles are safe, but need to be pulled from the old database into the new one. This will take time!
2. The visual "look" of the site is not 100% perfect (as can be seen at the top of the page). This is not a priority (content is). Pages such as the "About" section are not complete.
3. Even this version of the website is out-of-date already, so there may well be further changes further down the line.

So I need to ask all visitors to the site to please be patient while I get all the up-to-date articles and pages ported over. In the meantime the Facebook page (link on the frontpage) has all the information you might need, and you can ask questions there or on the forum.

Many thanks,
Sam / Bifford.

The November CotH Event

{AF template=round_bended_corner width=90%}The November CoTH will be different from normal CoTH events this year. As always it will remain 24 hour IC, it will also remain a no-under 16 event. However this year none of the Company of the Helm Old Guard will be there. It will be limited to 30 player places and there will be a dedicated Crew and Monster Team present. Hot food is included which will include a hot breakfast.

1. Players paying before May will receive an individually tailored Player Pack with information, news, rumours and game lore.

2. Players paying between May and August will receive a General Pack with some information, news, rumours and game lore.

3. Players paying after August will receive a Basic Pack with one piece of information relevant to the plot, a piece of IC news, a rumour and one piece of game lore which may or may not be relevant to the weekend.


This event is going to be very full on. We have a crew of 15-20 for this event so you will be seeing some NPC's that do not just vanish and some you wished would. The whole thing is a few notches higher than usual and we hope the players appreciate the effort involved.{/AF} 

Some important pieces of information regarding this event:

{AF template=round_bended_corner width=90%} 

1. Unlike normal events all players will book in down by the toilet block and players will not have access to the glade or the storm hut until time in has been called.

2. IC tents must be erected during time in. There is a very important reason for this which will only become apparent during play.

3. We will be supplying all the food you need for this event and the facilities to store and cook it, however as part of the plot the players will be cooking for themselves. Again, this should add to the role play and not detract from it. Reasons will become apparent during play.

4. OOC interaction will be kept to a bare minimum after time in is called. Monsters will be undergoing training prior to the event and players will be given a detailed brief before play starts.

We at Seaxe & Sorcery are hoping to make this event very special and top quality indeed. We hope that people wishing to play will begin to book and ask us questions about the event asap. We will try and answer questions straight away.{/AF}

Event 4: (HMS) High ho and off to Atlantis for adventure we go!
Does anyone remember Carcia?
FRIDAY 23rd September
SUNDAY 25th September


PRICES for Players:

£20 Pre Book member, £25 On the Door Member;

£25 Pre Book Non-member, £30 On the Door Non-Member.

(Remember Membership is £10, and goes towards paying insurance and for the container to be on the site).

Please note we will accept cheques made out to 'Seaxe and Sorcery' (you must write the word and not use &) up to two weeks before an event and you may also pay by Paypal on this site. Remember all meals are included in this cost.

Other Items of Interest:

Build a Ship:
Players are invited to build an IC ship. The ship judged to be the best, e.g. has had the most effort put into it will win a bonus 50 hours per crew member and a Bottle of Rum (sponsored by the bar) for the crew to share! There will be a sea-born adventure and Roth McTigglet will be leading a voyage to Atlantis, or at least one of its old outposts!

Note: You may get wet for real on this voyage!

Fey Birthday Ritual:
Rusty, also known to the Fey as Sessa, will be celebrating her birthday. If anyone wishes to present her with gifts or take part in her ritual please let me know in advance. There will also be a Banquet going on that evening. Now if you to have a birthday in September and want it celebrated please feel free to let us know. However if you want something special we do expect you to contribute to the banquet!

Squire Banners and Ladies at Arms:
Several of our young female members will be awarded their squire banners this weekend and several will be confirmed as Ladies at Arms. This will involve a dedicated Squire adventure and several tests of courage, strength, skill and wit! We will be making the awards either at the Banquet or after Rusty's ritual.

Event Dates 2012

There are 6 official events for 2012: four H.M.S. events; one Mutant Chronicles Mars (MCM) event; and a Company of the Helm (CotH) event.

Due to the nature of this MCM event it will be happening in the middle of the year rather than in winter.

The CotH event will be a tough-adults only winter adventure.


Seaxe will also be attending the Colchester Oyster Fayre and the Templar Fayre.

It may be possible to book the site for other events. Please contact seaxeandsorcery [AT] hotmail [DOT] co [DOT] uk with ideas.


HMS 1: March 23rd, 24th ,25th
HMS 2: May 25th, 26th, 27th
Colchester Oyster Fayre: June 2nd,3rd, 4th*
 MCM: July 27th, 28th, 29th
 HMS 3: August 17th, 18th, 19th
Templar Fayre: September 8th, 9th*
HMS 4: September 28th, 29th and 30th
CoTH: November 16th, 17th, 18th

 * These are not Seaxe Events but are days out that we highly recommend. We will not be attending anyone else's events on these dates due to an intense interest in both events. They are an excellent place to pick up kit, costume and camp equipment.


Groombridge Place Gardens & Enchanted Forest





Sat 13th - Sun 14th june 2009



HMS EVENT 2: The Thirteen Books of Creation

FRIDAY 7th May 2010
SUNDAY 9th May 2010

PLOT: The mists of time and space have started to clear, fate, luck and good fortune have whispered into the ears of the chosen it is time to change our world before others change it for us. With the Red Mage and the Pharaoh of Upon the Golden Throne and his Dark Empire making war on us and our allies it is even more important to find the Books of Creation and the Keys to Atlantis. So please come one and all as we once more travel to the channel islands and the Island of Portals.

HMS Event 1 (March): Diplomacy in Norland

12-14th March 2010

There is less than a week until HMS Event 1 - March and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Location: Cherrywood Scout Camp.
Allowed on site: Midday onwards
Time in: 8pm Friday and then as you arrive in your characters persona.
Time out will probably be 2pm Sunday.


"My Lord King Welf of Albion, I Sigfried Battleblade 9th King of the Skyblade tribe, third tribe of the Nor do invite you, your loyal Prime Minister and Lord General along with a suitable retainer, bagagetrain and general hangers on to visit me here in Norland to discuss a possible treaty and Alliance. Although I will not personally be there you will have the pleasure of my First Son and First Daughters company along with my first minister and my champion. I hope that you will be able to attend and that we will be able at some point in the future be bale to hunt and make war together."

Yule Banquet 2009

This years Yule Banquet will be held on Saturday the 19th of December at the Linford Hall (Address and directions to follow).

The banquet will cost £5 and we would like everyone to bring along food to share with everyone else as well as a bottle of drink or two. People will be able to arrive from about 5pm onwards and we will start around about 7pm.

This year there will be a Murder Mystery to keep everyone entertained. Those of you who pay in advance will receive Two clues for the banquet, whilst those who simply confirm they are attending in advance will receive one. Those who just turn up will have to make do with the clues available on the evening.

On top of this we have a Norse Prince speaking to us and a quick round of Mock the Week! A Raffle will be organised if people care to bring along donations.

The forum thread for this post is here.

Defend, Prevail & Conquer

Gary Bates

Halloween at Chafford Gorge. 17/18 October 2009.

As we do every year, (although this may be our last, we can hope it is not) we shall be dressing up in monster and scary people costumes and trying to give the children and accompanying adults a good old scare down in Chafford Gorge.

The place: Warren Gorge.

The address: Drake Rd, Chafford Hundred, Grays, Thurrock,  RM16 7RG.

The days: Saturday 17th and 18th of October.
The time: Arrive 6.30 pm. We need to be in the Gorge and Hiding by 7pm. The scares last one hour.

We need to put in only a small amount of effort and do very little other than jump out of the bushes and scare the children and adults. The more people we have each evening the less running around you have to do!

For more information on Chafford Gorge visit: Chafford Gorge

For the thread in the forums and to let us know if you can make it goto:Halloween forum thread

Thank you all.